Volume 6 Special Issue


JUCR Special Issue Vol. 6 2013   

Creative Arts Therapy – Music & Medicine

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A Message from the Editor                 

Bussakorn Binson Editor in Chief 4-5

Second International Association For Music and Medicine Conference - Thailand:

President’s Report

Jane Edwards (Republic of Ireland) 6-9

Journal Policy

Journal Policy 10-12


The Use of Creative Arts Therapies for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purposes Rachel Lev-Wiesel, Hod Orkibi, and Dita Federman (Israel) 16-25


Creative Arts Therapy with Thailand’s Mobile Arts Therapy Group

Bussakorn Binson and Alan Kinear (Thailand) 26-35 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2013.2

Supervision of a Music Therapy Team in Medicine

Diego Schapira (Argentina) 36-41 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2013.3

Music Medicine and Music Therapy in Austria

Vera Brandes, Zahra Taghian, and Claudia Fischer (Austria) 42-48


1 to 5 Piano – Musical Medicine

Trirat Uptampohtiwat (Thailand) 50-57 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2013.5

Music & Medicine: The Development of an Integrative Approach to the Application of Music and Music Therapy in Medical Settings                       

Joanne Loewy (USA) 58-68 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2013.6

In Between: Music Therapy with Inpatients Awaiting a Heart Transplant Cheryl Dileo and Michael Zanders (USA) 72-82 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2013.7

Music for Bridging the Gaps in Cancer Care

Patravoot Vatanasapt (Thailand) 84-90 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2013.8

A Long and Winding Road: Musicing Along with Children with Cancer Through Their Journey

Mayra Hugo (Uruguay) 92-97 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2013.9

Music Therapy-Based Mechanisms for Coping with Stress and Pain

Suzanne Hanser (USA) 98-105 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2013.10

“Yes, I Can Learn!” Blending Music Instruction into Music Therapy

Kana Kamitsubo (USA) 108-117 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2013.11


Conference Reports

The First ASEAN Music & Creative Arts Therapy Summit –

Bangkok July 2012           

Bussakorn Binson (Thailand) 120-125

Keynote Address: The First ASEAN Music & Creative Arts Therapy Summit – From Music to Mirror Neurons, Empathy, and Peace

Udom Pejarasangharn (Thailand) 126-133

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