Volume 19

JUCR Volume 19 Jul - Dec 2019

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With this issue, JUCR has published 122

articles from 30 countries since 2010.


Can a Globally Integrated Cultural and Artistic Perspective Help Hold Together a Dissolving World?         

John Garzoli Guest Editor in Chief (Australia) 1-4


Heritage and Scale – Challenges to Wellbeing and Place Management in 

Dubrovnik’s World Heritage Site

Celine Motzfeldt Loades (Norway) 5-32 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2019.7

Free Magazines: A Successful Business Model Innovation for Print

Publishing in Thailand

Siriya Jitpimolmard (Thailand) 33-50 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2019.8

The Samoreang Community’s Rehabilitation Project

Chantana Surasawadee, Somboon Sangsawang, Monton Chanchamsai, Pannat Tanatpansarat, Buncha Buranasing & Worapun Surasawadee (Thailand)

51-73 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2019.9

Case Studies

Modernizing Traditional Performing Arts in Vietnam –

A View From Tuong Theater

Nguyen Hoang Hiep & Hoang Kim Son (Vietnam) 74-90


Continuous and Integrated Urban Preservation with Emphasis on Culture and Tourism – Case Study of Arnaia

Nataša Danilovic Hristic & Nebojša Stefanovic (Serbia)

91-102 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2019.11

Conference Reports

The 45th International Council for Traditional Music World Conference

Bangkok July 2019           

Alan Kinear International Editor & Pornprapit Phoasavadi Managing Editor 103-108

The Salzburg Music Festival

Salzburg July 2019           

JUCR Staff 109-110 



Book Review – Jarle Strømodden: Vigeland & the Park           

JUCR Staff 111-112  

Journal Policies                                                                         

Journal Policies 113-116

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