Volume 14

JUCR Volume 14 Jan - Jun 2017

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Who Owns Our Cities? Artists Defending and Creating Public Spaces         

Kjell Skyllstad Editor in Chief 4-7

Guest Author

The Role of Creative Caring in Transformative Learning for Sustainable Lifestyles

Victoria W. Thoresen (Norway) 8-13 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2017.1


Myanmar’s Rohingya: Human Rights Abuses and Systemic Violence

William J. Jones (Thailand) 16-33 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2017.2

Understanding the Impact of Cultural Design Aesthetics and Socioeconomic Shifts: Approaches to Urban Resilience Empowers Place-Making                      

Stephen T. F. Poon (Malaysia) 34-57 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2017.3

Implications of the Urban Landscape: Aspects of the Isan Cultural Maintenance and Revitalization Program

John Draper (Thailand) 58-79 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2017.4

Promoting Cultural Traditions, Social Inclusion and Local Community

Participation in Environmental Development Schemes

Dickson Adom (Ghana) 80-103 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2017.5

Case Studies

The House of Open Gates: An Enclave Between the City of Graz as it is, and as We Imagine it Could be

Daniela  Brasil (Austria) 106-115 DOI:10.14456/jucr.2017.6

Cultural Influences Affecting Dance Values: A Case Study of Thailand and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Malinee Achayutthakan & Yootthana Chuppunnarat (Thailand) 116-125


Review Book Review:

Hmong Songs of Memory: Traditional Secular and Sacred Hmong Music           

Kjell Skyllstad Editor in Chief 128-131

Journal Policies                                                                         

Journal Policies 134-138

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